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Modern Multifunctional digital alarm clock with QI wireless charger.

Do you hate plugging in your phone everytime you go to bed? Not anymore!


  • WIRELESS CHARGING: This electronic alarm clock can be used as a wireless phone charger. Simply place your Wireless Charging Compatible phone centered on top of the clock. Charging only occurs when the clock is powered by plugging in the USB cable to an Adapter (such as your phone adapter) rather than by batteries.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH: Any devices with wireless charging function.
  • Elegant Bedside Alarm Clock :Featuring 12h and 24h formats, an easy-to-read LED display and external weather temperatures that can be used for daily or weekly alarms. It also features adjustable brightness and sound for custom comfort.
  • ALARM SETTINGS: Up to three alarms you can set for you or your family or remind you different things. You can either set two or three alarms in 5- or 10-minutes increments to better WAKE you up in the morning that can serve as your snooze function. Closing the alarm just by pressing any key on the back of clock. 12H/24H format setting is adjustable.
  • SLEEK DESIGN: Our wireless charging alarm clock is a sleek light color for a sophisticated look! The design exudes luxury. The high quality, strong metal gives it a refined look. Carefully designed aesthetics creating a futuristic product. Looks perfect in offices, bedrooms, and kitchens. Easy to activate charging pad to make it convenient anywhere you go. Get one for each room to optimize charging technology and quick access. Never let your phone die again!

 Packing list

  • 1. 1*USB charger
  • 2. 1*Instructions
  • 3. 1*Packing box

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