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Smart Thermos Limited Edition


Smart Thermos Limited Edition

$33.99 $39.99

Have you recently started a healthy diet?

It can be difficult to maintain your willpower when resisting all the junk food around you. But the best way to ensure that you eat healthy food is to have it ready when you need it! Especially with the beautiful Cuplies™ that also works as a good conversation starter during lunch!

Be Healthy at work

Our Premium Cuplies™ helps you to achieve the goals of your diet. Because this lunch box is super cute, we will tell you that you will be motivated to take your lunch with you every day, even if it's a day off!

Did we mention that it would also help you to save money? You no longer need to order expensive lunches!

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Keeps your food warm

Thermal benefits. The double-walled vacuum insulation ensures that your food stays hot for 2-3 hours and cold for 4 hours. Food can be added and kept warm and cold at different levels!

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